More of this nonsense
Published On: January 11, 2020

Look, this happens around this time every year.  And I should probably keep it quiet and not admit my shameful proclivities.  But that’s really not my style.

Because really…cute, tiny nonsense like this hurts no one.  And from what I can tell, there’s a pretty decent chance it actually makes quite a few of you feel better.  And I’d call that a win really.

But just to keep things from getting boring, I decided to fancy these up a bit.  Because why not!

There will be questions…let’s see what I can do for answers.

  • The dark purple heart is duplicate stitched on to the background fabric.  If you google ‘duplicate stitch’ you’ll find lots of info on how to do that (this is good, as is this), but the general idea is you just trace along the path of your existing stitches.
  • The pattern is Palpitation. It’s down at the moment as part of the massive shop update, but it will be going back up in my ravelry shop early next week. That’s PLENTY of time to knit piles by valentines day if that’s your jam (each one takes just a couple of hours to knit).
  • When it comes back out, there will be some tiny little templates for a few sizes of duplicate stitch hearts, and some blank fabric template you can doodle your own pictures on (because if I’m this amused by it, at least some of you will be too). Don’t worry, if you already have the pattern, you’ll get an update with the new stuff when it comes out.
  • The light purple yarn is one of Knerd String’s dk bases in alpine daisy, the dark purple is Shibui Knits silk cloud, held double in (I think?) velvet.

Because really…you can totally pretend this is a handy way to learn a lovely and useful technique (duplicate stitch is by far my favorite mending technique).  Or you can just say you want to surround yourself with adorable things you can finish in an afternoon.  Both are totally valid!

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