My beating heart…
Published On: January 13, 2020

You folks are relentless! Which is, I admit, rather flattering. But still…there were howls of dismay in my inbox this morning. Apparently some folks were awfully sad they couldn’t start on these over the weekend. But don’t worry, it’s all better now! The pattern for Palpitation is back up.

It was down for a little bit for the new year (just a reminder for anyone who missed it, I took everything down at the beginning of the year and I’m bringing things back out as I have time to update them). But I think you’ll love the new version!

I’ve knit rather a lot more hearts since the pattern came out (they’re hard to resist), so I wanted to snap a few new pictures (Ontheround was kind enough to let me rampage around her glorious studio taking them).

I also wanted to include a couple of cute duplicate stitch charts in case anyone else feels like what their knit hearts needed were some tiny embroidered hearts on top. You know, on the off chance they weren’t cute enough already!

So, if you already had the pattern, check your ravelry library for the update. And if you spent the weekend pining for the pattern you couldn’t get, you can grab it now. And if you’ve never seen these before but are now suddenly overwhelmed with an urgent need to knit a whole pile of them, well you can grab it now too.

Oh and the code BE STILL will take 10% off the price for the next couple of days if you’re so inclined. Just to make them extra sweet!⁠⠀

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