One month in
Published On: February 6, 2020

Somehow (and please do not ask me how, it certainly wasn’t my idea) we’re just over a month into the new year.  And we’re exactly a month out from the morning I sat down at my computer and took my whole ravelry shop down for a giant organizing and tidying spree.*

It was scary (selling stuff on ravelry is how I pay my bills).  And reformatting and relisting things is a massive project (I’ve got more than 280 patterns…revisiting them all is daunting).  But it has been so so so satisfying.

Since that morning in January, I’ve brought about thirty individual patterns back out, brought all the big books back out, made the individual patterns from Silk Road Socks available, and released two brand new patterns.  I’m working on bringing more patterns back every week, working on bringing more individual patterns from books out, and of course continuing to bring out new patterns.

I know ravelry can be a tiny bit overwhelming (So Much Neat Stuff…all in one place), so I just want to do the tiny reminder that you can always find everything I have available there in one place right here.  If that gets to be too much to scroll through (like I said, I have rather a lot of patterns, so that page is only going to get longer), you can also check out my bundles over here.  That’s where I have things like ‘all the tiny patterns‘ or ‘all the hat/cuff patterns‘ or ‘socks and slippers‘ or ‘all the books‘ grouped together to make it easier to narrow down what you’re looking for.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a few minutes to revel in this glorious snow storm we’re getting, then settle down and see what else I can get back out this week!

*Here’s the bit where I mention how there are a tiny handful of very noisy chowderheads who are somehow still mad at ravelry for having said ‘you can’t be openly racist here.’ I am pretty sure I’ve already invited all those folks to see themselves out.  But just in case any of them are still hanging out and are getting excited thinking I’m one of them or that I’m leaving ravelry, let me just put that idea down right this second.

Ravelry is amazing. It’s run by some of the bravest and most ethical people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.  I love ravelry.  I never intend to leave ravelry.  I’m just doing some housekeeping.  Any chowderheads are welcome to go be mad about it somewhere else.

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