Published On: March 17, 2020

The hat should have been enough.  And if knitting the hat once wasn’t enough, surely knitting it twice would satisfy that itch.  But somehow, no.  No it was not.  And so I found myself with matching mitts.

Now, I’m certainly not complaining.  Both the stitch and the yarn continue to be more fun than they have any right to be.  And goodness knows I wear mitts more than you might suspect.  So this is not something I’m sad about.

But I am rather amazed that something so mellow managed to hold my attention for so long.  Perhaps it’s the power of gradient yarn!

If you think it might hold your attention too, you can head over to ravelry and grab it.  If you just want the mitts, you can take 10% off them with the code ONCE MORE for the next few days.  Or there’s a nifty thing where you can get the hat and mitts together as a set for a bigger discount (details for that are on the ravelry page).

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