Absurd Distractions
Published On: March 18, 2020

Stuck at home? (Please please please tell me you’re staying home if you possibly can…I will totally think less of you if you’re still going out if you don’t absolutely have to.) Need to do something to fill the hours?  Let’s see who can find the most absurd tiny chore to make being at home feel satisfying and productive.

No really, there is something you’ve been meaning to do.  Take fifteen minutes and do it.  You’ll feel better. Today, I’m delinting my favorite socks.

Seriously.  I bought a six pack of these things (there’s something to be said for having all your non-knit socks be the same…no more matching them up when you put away laundry).  They are the One True Sock (at least for my feet).  Mostly wool, but you can still wash and dry them in the machine.  Nice padded sole, but still they still fit in my shoes.  Short cuff that doesn’t ever feel tight on my ankle.  They are my truly perfect sock.  I get the guy ones, because I have big feet, but if you have smaller feet, the girl ones come in more colors, and once you’ve tried one and know you like it, they make packages of six at a better price if you really want to commit. (As always, amazon links are affiliate links, that’s pretty much how the internet works these days.)

But if you put them in the dryer with linty cotton sweaters (guilty), they do get super fuzzy. Luckily, this is not a hard problem to solve.  Ten minutes with the Gleener (another marvel of modern technology and all around savior of derelict knitwear) and they’re good as new. Plus there’s a satisfying pile of fluff to show how industrious I was (I feel the same way when I empty the vacuum canister actually…).

Ok, your turn.  Tell me an absurd chore you never ever get around to that you can do now that you’re spending some extra time at home.  Are you finally organizing all your needles?  Is your spice drawer now in alphabetical order?  Have you found the perfect way to organize your books?

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