Swatch 2
Published On: March 22, 2020

I finally have something on my needles that I like. This is most assuredly not it. This is one of the half a dozen or so swatches I went through before I got to the version I liked.

Since I currently can’t pay attention to save my life (and I’ve heard a few things from some of you that suggest that you may be in a similar state), I thought perhaps I’d show you all the steps and swatches that happen between ‘hmm, that might work’ and ‘by jove I think I’ve got it,’ and talk about the process a bit (and, you know, eventually show off the thing too…just not quite yet).⁠

Tiny steps…little slices…things short enough to pay attention to in two minute chunks.⁠

Yesterday’s picture was the first go at a stitch pattern I’ve been wanting to work with. But I didn’t like the yarn/stitch combo, and the yarn color was a little to staid for my current mood.⁠

Plus, I’d been wanting to do something with fuzzy yarn held double with plain yarn, so I thought I’d try a second swatch with that in mind.⁠

What I learned was that one strand of super skinny yarn, no matter how fuzzy and colorful, cannot hold its own with worsted weight yarn as a companion. It just doesn’t have the impact I want. ⁠

But that’s ok. I have more yarn. I can try again. And did! And that’s what we’ll look at next time.⁠

In the meantime, stay home if you can. Wash your hands a whole damn lot. Be kind to others. And cut yourself a little slack if you’re feeling frazzled. ⁠

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