Swatch 3
Published On: March 23, 2020

Ok, more tiny slices of time in stitches, more tiny things to think about for just a little while at a time. ⁠

This is the third swatch. In the previous one, I learned that super skinny fluffy yarn just can’t really hold its own in this stitch.⁠

One option would be to hold the fluffy yarn double. But that’s not really what I wanted to do here. But that’s ok, because there’s a second option, and that’s to use a slightly thicker fluffy yarn and a slightly thinner background yarn.⁠

This swatch is using a sport (ish) background yarn (instead of a worsted like last time). And using Rowan’s Alpaca Classic for the fuzzy yarn. It’s much thicker than the laceweight I used last time, but still suitably fluffy. ⁠

It’s actually sort of a perfect middle between the silk/mohair laceweight yarns and the giant mesh tube with fluff blown into it I used for the hat and mitts that came out earlier this month. It’s a much much tinier tube with fluff in it, so sort of the best of both worlds.⁠

And I will absolutely use it at some point because it seems to be magic…just not here. Because here I’ve learned that if the background yarn has anything of its own going on, it’s too busy. The little color blips and variations in the background yarn that would normally make it delightful just don’t quite work with the purl background between the blobbies. ⁠

So, it’s time for a new swatch. Next time.  In the meantime, go wash your hands. You know you want to.

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