Swatch 4
Published On: March 24, 2020

Are you still with me? Still following along on the Frankly Alarming Parade Of Swatches? If so, I commend your dedication.  The good news is we’re getting close.

Swatch 1 was proof of concept (the wee blobbies can be awfully cute). Swatch 2 was instructive (skinny fluffy yarn is not bold enough). Swatch 3 was also instructive (thicker fluffy yarn is good, but you need a more mellow background yarn). And now we’re at swatch 4.

Swatch 4 has an awful lot of promise. The fluff is thick enough it doesn’t disappear. The background is solid enough it doesn’t look too busy. I think this is a winner.

The only trick is I’m not sure if I want a yellow hat right this minute. I have some technicolor hair going on right now (though this staying home and missing your hair appointments is not doing it any favors), and yellow might not be my color. Plus that is a very icy gray, and I’m not quite digging how it looks with that particular yellow.

BUT…how I think I know enough about the yarn characteristics I need to bring together. So next up is swatching with different color combos to see what I can pull off.

I think I’ll go back to that blue from the last swatch and see if I have a gray that will go with it.

Hang in there. You’re doing awesome. And it is officially OK to turn off the news for a bit if you need to. I promise. It might help.

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