Swatch 5
Published On: March 26, 2020

Ready for the plot twist? Remember the progression of swatches over the last few days? Yeah, well this was the next one.

I had the sudden realization that I did not, in fact, want to be knitting something where I had to count and do fiddly increases and decreases and manage somewhere between four and six balls of yarn (yeah, we hadn’t gotten to that point in the conversation just yet, but it was coming).

What I wanted was the most chill, relaxed, basic knitting I could manage…while still using a fuzzy yarn as an accent. So I changed course.

Now, this actually happens fairly often. Just normally I curate things a bit more. Normally I’d show you this swatch, then the project that this swatch directly turns into (and I’d save all those other swatch photos and show those to you somewhere down the road when they end up turning into a project, because they probably will end up turning into a project).

But honestly, that level of planning and organization and structure feel like a bit much to manage right now. So you’re getting the less edited, more scattered, and very much more immediate version of things.

Next time I’ll start showing you the actual project.

In the meantime, go wash your hands. If you’re able to stay home, stay home (and be grateful that you can). And if you absolutely have to go out, be alarmingly nice to the people who are still working to help you stay safe. If you’re short with the cashier or the delivery person or the bank teller or the pharmacy tech who is out doing their job as best they can under really stressful circumstances, you are a jerk and I hope you get moths. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t get moths. Stay home.

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