And actually on the needles
Published On: March 27, 2020

Ok, finally finally finally we’re actually at the project stage.

Except you know what? This is actually the second cast on. This isn’t the same background yarn I used in the swatch (I’ll do yarn info in a later post). But it is one I’d used for a hat before, so I thought I could just more or less wing it based on the earlier hat and get the cast on number right.⁠⠀

I couldn’t.

I also thought maybe I wanted a rolled brim.⁠⠀

I didn’t.⁠⠀

So I got to knit an inch of plain stockinette and then rip it out and start over. But it was dark, so I couldn’t take a picture, so you’re only getting the second cast on…the one where I made up my mind about what I want and actually know how many stitches I need.

All I can say is it’s a good thing this is soft and fluffy and lovely and soothing.⁠

I hope you are also doing something soothing…preferably while you sit at home being glad you don’t have to go into work to keep everyone else safe and fed (and if you do have to go into work to keep everyone else safe and fed, thank you, and I hope everyone is behaving themselves).

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