That worked, let’s do it again
Published On: April 9, 2020

This went really well last time, so let’s do it again…⁠

On the last pattern (the wee little eggs), I made a handful of copies of the pattern available to folks who could really use a new pattern, but the Exciting Global Catastrophe had messed with their household finances in such a way that it just wasn’t in the budget. And I said if anyone had a little extra room in their budget and wanted to donate a few copies, we could make that happen.⁠

And the response was overwhelming. Everyone was delightful. Lots of people donated. Lots of people got a little pick me up. Absolutely no one was a jerk. It really was grand.⁠

The only tricky bit was it was a lot of admin for me (I had people email me if they wanted to donate, then I created an invoice and sent it back to them). It was heartwarming…but inefficient. I wanted to do it again, but I needed to find a more streamlined, less manual way to do it. So I did!⁠ There’s now a community supported patterns page with details about how you can either get a copy of the pattern if it would help, or donate copies if you’d like to help someone else out.

As long as this continues to go well (meaning folks keep being awesome and we don’t have problems with the freebie groups on facebook or ravelry behaving badly), I’ll keep doing this with new releases for the next several months at least. I will almost certainly continue to tweak the details of exactly how it works (because really…this is new, it would be weird to think I’ve figured out the very best way to do it on the second try), but for now, I think we’ve got a system that works.⁠

So, just to recap, if you want to grab the pattern for yourself like usual, it’s up on ravelry right here.  And if you need help with a copy or want to donate a copy to someone who could use a hand, that’s right over here (if you’re seeing this a while after it’s posted, that page will probably have been updated as the program changes and new patterns come out, but that’s the place to look for whatever the current version is).

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