Published On: September 28, 2020

Small things are happening (yes, again).

I don’t have the focus for much right now (it’s the rage and despair, they’re hell on the attention span).  But my goodness I can do small things.

And sometimes small things come out rather nicely! Ok, questions and answers…

  • Yes, that’s the Hoard pattern from a few years ago, now with a knit cap option (the original version of the pattern had you using real acorn caps, which is also hideously adorable).⁠
  • No, it hasn’t been added to the Hoard pattern yet. But it will be (standard ‘assuming I don’t die first’ disclaimer goes here). But first I have to knit a pile of them, take process photos, write the instructions, and take pretty pictures. We’re somewhere in the ‘finish writing the instructions/take the pretty photos’ part of the process. With luck it will be ready late this week and should be out a few days later. ⁠⠀
  • If you already have Hoard in your library, you’ll get the update with the knitted version just sort of automatically when it comes out. (This is where I mention again that it’s not out now, it’s coming soon, so pretty pretty pretty please don’t write and ask me why you don’t have it yet, because then I’ll feel very weird when I have to say all this again.)⁠
  • The caps use a couple of yards (like less than five) of fingering weight yarn (mine is one of the browns from Seven Sisters Arts Meridian Gradient Set in Seaweed, because it ended up being seriously perfect).⁠⠀
  • And yes, if you have the Hoard pattern now, you can totally knit the acorns now and then add the caps when the pattern comes out in a few days. ⁠⠀

More pictures to follow soon because sweet fuzzy hell are these ever cute!

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