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Published On: September 29, 2020

You folks are delightful.  Together we raised $2,000 to send off to my local food bank (they are a bit technologically limited so I can’t show you a screenshot because I have to actually mail a paper check, and I do not love you enough to show you a photo of my checks)!

And now I want to tell you a little bit about what happened when I ran this sale and raised this money.  Mostly what happened is that people said kind things, bought patterns, and shared the promotion so that others would see it and we could raise more money.  All of which is delightful and heartwarming and exactly what I needed during a challenging week.

But a few folks were less than lovely.

One person wrote to tell me that if I was so unpatriotic, maybe someone should just kill me. One person called me a fascist cunt. One person said it was racist to donate to my local food bank since I lived somewhere where most of the population is white.  All three of those folks mentioned that they were patriotic Americans and proud Trump supporters.  This is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from his supporters.

As a reminder, you can read exactly what I wrote that inspired such vitriol over here. I said that I was tired and scared and angry, that things felt hopeless, that I felt helpless, and that in response to those feelings I wanted to do something to help someone else.  I didn’t actually say anything political at all.

But now I will.

Now I will take a moment to remind everyone that if you are a Trump supporter, nothing I make is for you. I don’t want you reading my words. I don’t want you looking at my pictures. I don’t want you buying my work. I don’t want you knitting my patterns. If you ever change your mind, you’re welcome to come back. But until then, absolutely nothing I do is meant for you.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drop this check in the mail. Because helping, even just a bit, really does make things feel less grim (and if you’d like to make things less grim, you can find voting info here if you like text, or here if you like video).

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