Hoard (now with extra cute)
Published On: October 6, 2020

Just about two years ago, I brought out Hoard.  It used real acorn caps on top of knit acorns, which was adorable, and gave a person an excuse to go crawl around under trees and hunt for treasures.  But there is another way to top your acorns.  You can totally do knit caps instead.  So today, I sent out an update to the pattern with instructions for knitted tops!

And they’re rather endearing if I do say so myself.  Cute on their own, with bonus cuteness points if you make acorn twins!

Of course the best option might well be to make a whole bunch of both.  These are totally one of those things that’s cuter when made in quantity!

Plus, you know, they’re fun.  And they take just a few minutes.  So you might be helpless to resist.

If you find you simply must have a whole pile of them for yourself, you can use the code STOCKPILE to take 10% off Hoard.  That will work on both ravelry and payhip.

If you already have Hoard in your library, you’ll get the update automatically.  I’ve already sent it out, just visit your library and look for the little update button.  And since you’re all cool and already have this one, if you’re wanting to really embrace that fall vibe, you can use the code STOCKPILE to take 10% off Nestled and Foraged too (you can use it on either pattern or both).  You can find Nestled on ravelry or payhip and Foraged on ravelry or payhip.  That code will work through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday October 9 (but if you’re on the mailing list, check your inbox, mailing list folks always get a bigger discount sent their way!).

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