Published On: October 9, 2020

I didn’t forget.  No really, I didn’t.  I didn’t forget about the houses, I just got distracted by the acorns and haven’t shown you much of them.  But the houses have been clicking along just fine.

And well, at this point I’m starting to have a small village.

The pattern is off with testers, the photo shoot is scheduled for next week, and the pattern should come out later this month.  If you know already that you simply must make these, I want to show you what’s inside mine, so you can prepare.

You want to get blocks.  Or rather, I think you should get blocks.  You can probably also sort something else out (I’m hearing from folks planning to construct shapes out of plastic canvas, or to cut shapes out of floral foam or styrofoam, and I’m going to include a template you can print out and transfer to cardboard and cut out and assemble) but all of that sounds really hard and blocks are super easy.

These are the exact ones I used (amazon links are always affiliate links because hosting bills are a punk and I feel no qualms about letting amazon give me back some of the money it makes). You totally don’t have to use those, but you do want to find ones where the edge of the cube is between one and two inches long, and where they have a cube, a rectangle that is the size of two cubes laid side by side, and a triangle that is the size of a cube cut in half.  Like this.

The good news is most blocks work this way (it makes stuff easier to build if the different shapes are nice tidy multiples of each other), so it shouldn’t be hard to find. But I wanted to give you a heads up, just so you can be ready when the pattern comes out later this month!  And if you want to hear from me when the pattern comes out, the mailing list is the best way to do that.  You can sign up for it here.

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