Wet and sandy
Published On: October 24, 2020

You wanna see the behind the scenes side of things?⁠

If you zoom in close, you’ll see my wee village there in the middle. It’s carefully set up on an old oar I found on the beach. There are flat rocks tucked under and around the houses to level things out, a slither of seaweed draped over the edge of the oar, and an empty snail shell tucked in just so to lend it a bit of a sea monster vibe.⁠

If you take two steps back, you’ll see my step stools (one for my butt or knee, because bending over to take pictures of things 8 inches off the ground is killer on your back, one to act as a side table and keep my fancy camera off the wet ground and my various supplies within arm’s reach). Then there’s the box I’ve been lugging these around in, oh and the bag that holds my sun shield and my whisk broom and my white balance cards and my extra batteries and all the other bits of kit I’ve taken to lugging around with me on these photo trips (museum putty comes in surprisingly handy, as do various sizes of pebbles).⁠

And oh by the way, just to make this more fun, the tide is coming in. This whole area was under water about half an hour after I took that picture.⁠

Oh and you don’t do this just once…here’s the setup for another round of pictures.  Same vibe…carefully arranged tiny village. Rocks for props (barnacles and snails for character).  Step stool to keep me (mostly) and the camera (entirely, I’m much more washable than it is) out of the muck.  This was also under the water a few minutes after the picture.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you the proper pattern pictures soon. And they’ll be all lovely and twinkly and have just the right combo of misty, haunted coastline meets unspeakably thing from the deep meets fiendishly cheerful toddler that is my general aesthetic. But somehow it seemed kind of funny to show you what the set up for those pics looks like while it’s happening.⁠

Standard spiel goes here (you’ve read this before if you’ve been here a while). Yes, the pattern is coming soon (Tuesday is the plan, assuming 2020 doesn’t do anything dreadful in the meantime)! If you want me email you a discount code when it drops, make sure you’re on the mailing list. And heads up, I’m fairly sure it’s time to raise the prices on the patterns that clock in closer to a book (cough this one is 28 pages cough) than an individual pattern, and mailing list gets a bigger discount than the one I announce here, so now might be the time.

Oh and did you see the bit about how I said mostly out of the muck?  Yeah.  Well these photos took four trips over three days (lining up the tide and the clouds and the daylight is trickier than you might think).  Day one was cut short by an unexpected sunburst and a twisted ankle.  Day two involved two trips (the tide was wrong for the first one), two police cars (something about an abandoned boat), and some very wet and sandy pants.  Day three I managed to only get wet and muddy up to mid shin, not all the way up to my thighs, which is an improvement.

I will be thinking of this the next time someone makes a crack about how it must be fun to just sit and knit all day.  If the bruises and scrapes are healed by then, I may even be fairly civil in my reply.  Though I’m making no promises.

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