Blocks (just one more time to be super sure)
Published On: October 23, 2020

Alrighty, just to resolve any lingering questions about how the blocks thing works…⁠

Yes, I have filled my houses with blocks (cough, both these tiny knitted houses and my real actual house because blocks are kinda fun to have around).⁠

Yes, I think you should do the same if you can, because they make the houses Oh So Tidy and give them nice straight lines, nice sharp corners, and nice solid heft to them if you pick them up, all of which please me greatly.⁠

No, you don’t have to use exactly the blocks I used (though you can check out this post from the other week where I link to them if you’re curious). Most any blocks will work. You really just need a cube and a triangle that is half the size of the cube, a rectangle is nice but not precisely required.⁠

Yes, the pattern comes in several different sizes and includes info about how to sort your gauge if you get blocks of a different size (I’ll hold your hand through it, it’s literally just measuring the edge of your cube then typing a division problem into the calculator on your phone, you can do it even if you’re skittish about math).

The pictures in the post show just how the blocks go in there (I mean I suspect you can figure it out…but every now and then I’m surprised by what folks ask). The smallest house is just a triangle set on a cube. The wide house is two triangles set on top of a rectangle laying on it’s long side. The tall house is a triangle set on top of a rectangle standing on its small side. ⁠

And yes, I will have some other options listed in the pattern (including printouts in case you want to cut out your own because knitting wasn’t dangerous enough and you want to increase your chances of getting a hell of a paper cut), but I really think you’ll have the most fun if you just lay hands on some blocks. Plus then you get to play blocks with the ones you don’t use, and who doesn’t love that! ⁠

Pattern is due out next Tuesday (October 27), so you’ve totally got time to order some now and cast on when it drops! And seriously, get on the mailing list if you’re not already, I’m (cough, finally, cough) raising the prices on these massive patterns, you know, the ones with pages and pages of photo tutorials and oodles of options, and the mailing list always gets a bigger discount than the one I post publicly.

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