Grasp it firmly
Published On: November 11, 2020

Shall I make a confession?⁠

So, I’d gone to the library to do photos.  There is a lovely little park next door, and it’s a great place to take pattern pictures (it’s also next door to the good doughnut place which I fully admit is part of the appeal).  I had the knitting and the camera and the whisk broom and the step stool and all the other kit that accompanies me on these excursions.⁠

Everything had gone fine, and I was almost done.  But I really wanted some pictures of the hats hanging on something that could pass for a Christmas tree.  I think most people will use these as ornaments, and I wanted to show how stinking cute they are with the tassel tossed over the branch.⁠

So I got everything all set in place and was ready to go when the wind kicked up.  Now, it does not take much wind to get a tiny hat and an even tinier tassel going.  And once they start going, they take a long time to slow down again.⁠  This quickly became frustrating.⁠

I tried different branches.  I tried to block the wind.  I tried to time the gusts.  All to no avail.

In the end I found the only possible solution was to hold the camera in one hand, hold my reflector in the other hand as a wind break, and grip the branch tip firmly in my teeth to keep it from swaying.⁠

Which I maintain is actually FINE (and not even close to the weirdest thing I’ve done to get a picture).  But I failed to account for the more public nature of this particular location. ⁠

The folks walking through the park seemed…concerned.  I hope I didn’t alarm them too much.  But I’d totally do it again.⁠

The pattern is Bedeck, you can find it on ravelry or paypal, and if you’re reading this shortly after it came out, you can use the code ORNAMENTAL to take 10% off.

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