Community growth
Published On: November 12, 2020

I told you there would be some additions to the tiny village!

I mean, we started with lots of cute little houses. But it seems only fitting to add on some sort of municipal structures at some point. Call it a church or a school house or a town hall, whatever works for the needs of your tiny, woolly community.

I’m headed back to the beach to take more pictures of these later today (you know, once the sun is up and the tide is out). If my signal is good enough, I’ll probably hop on stories and show off the process in all it’s muddy, sandy, messy glory while I’m there.

We miiiiiiiight be able to sneak the pattern out late this month. I don’t do new releases in December, and I suspect some of you want this in time to add it to your holiday village, so if it’s coming this year, it’s coming fast (the pattern is done, all it needs is pictures). I’ll do my best! But you know…2020 occasionally makes its own plans without consulting the rest of us.

And don’t worry, there’s totally a lighthouse in the works too. That almost certainly won’t come until next year (communities take time to build, it’s fine), but I won’t leave my tiny fishing village without it forever!

If you’re looking for the house pattern, it’s called Chimney and it’s already out!

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