I mean sure why not
Published On: November 21, 2020

Ok, so I asked (over on instagram) for questions about the wee tiny village (Chimney and Belfry). And one of the things that came up a few times was ‘how did you make the little tree?’

Which, I admit, I was not expecting.  But it’s super easy, so I can totally show you.

It’s just a twig from a tree in my yard (mine’s from a hawthorn tree, but look around for one with a good branching pattern that works at the scale you’re looking for). Then I yanked the top off one of those ‘sport bottles’ (the ones with the flip up lids and little nozzle) and jammed the end of the twig into the nozzle to help hold the tree up.  Then I secured that nozzle inside a broader cap.  I put a quarter in the broader cap (to put a bit of weight down there to balance out the weight of the tree).  And held all the various parts together with museum putty.

Not exactly elegant, but it worked.  I just put sand or seaweed or rocks or whatever on top of the caps when I set up the village.

Pretty much all the other questions (how big are they, what’s inside them, which pieces are in which pattern) are spelled out in frankly alarming detail on the patterns’ listing pages.  But that one totally wasn’t, so I thought I’d put it here too in case anyone was wondering and wasn’t on instagram!

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