Published On: November 19, 2020

Was your village missing something? I mean you have lots of options for houses, but maybe what you need is a church? Or a school house? Or a town hall?

Because I know we’re all working hard to stay home more, but I’m pretty sure the folks in your tiny, woolly village can still go out safely!  If they’ve been petitioning for somewhere else to go, Belfry is out today, and it adds a lovely new option for your town.

And really? I am, well, let’s say more than usually sympathetic to the idea that folks might want a bit of variety in their lives right now.  I do not want to deny your villagers the pleasure of some time away from home.  As long as they’ll let me live vicariously through their exploits!

Have I reached the point in the pandemic where I’m imagining rich and exciting lives for the tiny denizens of my knitted seaside village? Apparently.  Do I feel bad about this? If it keeps me safe at home not catching or sharing any germs, I’m going to say it’s fine. Do I think you should join me? Look, it gets dark at 4pm, it’s freezing outside, and we’ve got six more months of camping out at home…I think we should all do whatever it takes to get through.

If a tiny village is going to be one of your coping mechanisms, Belfry is ready for you.  You can either take 10% off with the code RINGING for the first few days it’s out, or you can pair it up with Chimney (the pattern for the houses) for a bigger discount. Details for how that works are on the pattern’s pages on ravelry and payhip, so head over there for more info on how that works.⁠

⁠Oh, and I totally say this on the pattern’s listings, but just to be super super clear, Belfry is the pattern for the two-level building with a tower on the front (the building in the picture directly above these words). Chimney is the pattern for the houses. Which I totally suspect you either already knew or would read in the pattern description. But this way there’s just no chance anyone will overlook it (right? because people totally read the whole post and pattern descriptions yeah? lie to me here…).⁠

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