Teeny tiny
Published On: January 13, 2021

So…let’s talk hearts. When I first wrote this pattern, I did it in three sizes. This isn’t one of those projects that has to fit on a human body, nor is it one where the cuteness is lost if it’s half an inch bigger or smaller, so three sizes seemed like plenty.⁠

But now…now as I knit them in this rather tempestuous moment, I find I want them as tiny as can be managed while still retaining the clear heart shape. I want the instant gratification of sitting down, knitting for an hour or so, and having all my stitches done by the time I stand up again. And, just in case any of you share that itch, I’ll be updating the pattern with a few extra sizes shortly (2020 taught me not to promise firm dates, because the universe will then come along and mess with you, but the goal is to have it out very soon).

As always, don’t fret that you don’t have the update just yet (it’s not out yet)! When it does come out, if you’ve already bought the pattern, you’ll get a notification that it’s been updated. You totally don’t have to do anything, it’s all automatic (this is my secret plea for you to not send me a message worried that you don’t have it…it’s not out yet, when it does come out I’ll mention it in another post).⁠

And in the meantime, if you find you want to knit a few now, you can use the code HEARTFELT to take 20% off Palpitation (it works on Dispatch too…if you want to go full valentine cuteness…) from now through Valentine’s day. That works on ravelry or payhip.

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