Published On: January 14, 2021

Let’s talk innards! Well, lighthouse innards. Not my own personal innards.⁠

The core of the this lighthouse is one of the cylindrical blocks that came in the block set I used for the Chimney and Belfry patterns. If you want the exact ones I used, they’re here (it’s an amazon affiliate link), but most any toy blocks will work just fine (plus you’ve got some non block options too, which we’ll talk about in a sec).⁠

But you need a couple of other bits and pieces to go with it.⁠

First, you want something round and translucent for the light on top. I worried this would be hard to find, but a few minutes rummaging around in my desk drawers and kitchen cabinets and bathroom cupboards gave me lots of options. The secret seems to be plastic caps. Water bottle caps, marker caps, hand sanitizer caps…there were lots of options. Rummage around, I bet you’ve got something perfect (or look at the water bottles next time you’re in a store, they tend to have great caps for this).⁠

Next, you want some discs. One a bit bigger than the body of your light house (that makes the deck, the thing right under the light), and one a bit smaller (that’s the base for the roof, the thing right on top of the light). I used stuff like buttons and coins. You probably have something suitable, but if you don’t, you can always cut an appropriately sized circle out of something like a yogurt container or a milk jug. It won’t show, so it doesn’t have to be pretty!⁠

The picture up top shows you what I used. But I’ve got testers working on this, and they were kind enough to let me use their pictures of what they’re putting inside their lighthouses.

This one is from mrsjkisses. You can see she’s using blocks like I did plus some buttons and little plastic containers.

This one is from patelyne. You can see she’s actually made both her cylinder and her discs out of plastic canvas. (And there’s a printable in the pattern if you want to make your cylinder out of paper, just like in the Chimney and Belfry patterns.)⁠

So you’ve got lots of options! But you might want to do a bit of a scavenger hunt so you can be ready to cast on when this comes out later this month!⁠

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