Published On: January 25, 2021

Finished? Yes. Subtle? No. ⁠

Then again subtle wasn’t really the goal. Avoiding being mistake for a deer and shot by someone making bad choices with guns was the goal. And with any luck at all, the ‘not subtle’ aspects should help with the ‘not shot’ goals.⁠

At the very least, if it’s on my head, I won’t actually see it.⁠

(Once again, in case anyone is worried, I love the yarn, I have no complaints about it at all, and will happily work with it again. I am NOT being mean to the yarn company. It’s just that this particular shade of orange in this particular quantity is not something I’d pick were I not worried about people making errors with guns. And I’m salty that ‘people making bad choices with guns’ is something I’m supposed to handle through FASHION rather than through, oh, I don’t know, fewer guns and more limitations on how and when and where they can be used. So just to be clear, the yarn is grand…I just want to not actually need a bright orange hat and am kinda salty that I do. But if I do, I’m glad there’s good yarn in the appropriate colors so at least my ‘I’m Not A Deer’ hat can be out of nice fabric.)

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