Published On: January 26, 2021

You know the thing? The thing where you’re excited about a project, but it’s a weird project and you’re sort of scared that if you try and explain it to someone else, they’ll smile and nod and back slowly away from you like you are a large, rumbly dog with questionable social skills?⁠

Yeah. That thing happens to me. A lot. And usually I just keep my mouth shut and do the weird project by myself and don’t tell anyone about it until it’s far enough along that others will be able to see its charms. Because that’s safest for sure!⁠

But sometimes…sometimes you really really really want exactly the right yarn. And you know just the person to make it. So you gather up your courage and send them a note and say ‘sooo…I have this idea.’⁠

Yeah, I sent one of those to Anne of littleskeinanne a little while ago. And instead of looking nervous, she was totally into it. She had ideas of her own and they meshed perfectly with mine and now…well now we’re basically both bopping around like sugared up kids in a bouncy house.⁠

And I have to remain circumspect and not give away the whole thing now…but it seems safe enough to show off the yarn (you know, before I rip it open and dive in and start turning it into piles of treasures).⁠

This is the Little Skein in The Big Wool’s Smooth Sock base. The colors are all from the Bibliophile collection. And starting at the bottom left and moving to the upper right they are Lightly Foxed (cream), Leather Bound (brown), Cockled (blue), Ex Libris (green), and Antiquarian (pink).⁠

And it’s going to more or less kill me not to talk about this project between now and the summer, but it’ll be worth it if it’s even half as cute as I think it will be!

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