Published On: February 8, 2021

So I’ve somehow managed to refrain from talking about it too much here, but, um, I’m fond of board games. If you know me long enough in person, there will come a moment where I try and casually inquire if you, too, happen to be fond of board games. Usually people say some version of ‘um, ew no, why on earth do you ask’ and I have to explain about how if you haven’t played them since you were a preteen, you’ve been missing out. Occasionally people say yes, and then I have to do that delicate dance where I figure out if that means they played Cards Against Humanity at someone’s party one time or if they have a closet full of board games and long for more people to play with.

But until recently, I’ve managed to avoid knitting anything for my board games (though I am totally the sort of weirdo who has been known to upgrade the pieces and organizational structures of my games to things that suit me better, so I’m not sure why I haven’t given in sooner).

But then…then we went and got Wingspan over the winter holidays (amazon links are totally affiliate links, but if you have a local game store, totally buy it there instead of on amazon).  And we’ve been playing it so much that I couldn’t help myself…I knit a nest for the egg pieces in the game.  A nest that holds them perfectly (and has room for the expansions that I will doubtless get at some point).  A nest that closes up to store them when the game gets put away.  A nest that fills my soul with glee.

And no, I don’t plan to do a pattern, at least not in this form (mostly because it only makes sense in the context of the game, and I’d be really uncomfortable using someone else’s intellectual property in a pattern like that, but also because this is simple enough that I suspect most of you can figure it out on your own…knit a circle, knit the sides, put in some holes for a drawstring, bind off, you can totally do this).  But I do plan to get a whole heck of a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I’ve already cast on a second for the food tokens in the game (fishing them out of the tiny plastic containers they come in is tedious, this will be way better).  And you can probably expect to have at least one more finished shot with both nests inflicted upon you before this is out of my system.

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