Published On: February 2, 2021

As promised, a few crimes for your consideration.  These are Entrapment (the purple one), Collusion (the blue one) and Misprision (the pink one). You can use the code CRIMINAL to take 10% off any of the patterns, or buy all three together and get one free.

I have a traitorous brain.  It combines a short attention span and some serious distractability with a tendency to ask ‘right, so, what if we did this just slightly differently next time?’ Put those three together, and I tend to find myself tearing off down rabbit holes, only to emerge, days or weeks later, clutching an entire tiny village or a sky’s worth of tiny, perfect stars or a whole forest full of leaf babies.  Or, in this case, a stack of hats, all different, but all made with variations on the same technique.

Because these really are built on the same idea.  They started with me wondering ‘hey, what if I slip some stitches in some sort of regular fashion, and then come back on future rows and do something clever with the bits I slipped?’  And the answer turned out to be ‘it looks really damn nifty and is far more satisfying than it has any right to be.’ Both of which are wins as far as I’m concerned!

Plus you get secret bonus points if your hat inspires knitters to come up to you and say ‘wait, how did you do that?’ which all three of these have done!

And they let you scratch that colorwork itch even if you, like me, are secretly daunted by the prospect of managing two colors at once.  They all only ever have you using one color per row (and that blue one? on that blue one you never actually knit a stitch with the blue after you get through the brim…all you ever do with the blue yarn is slip stitches, not knit them, so that’s basically like cheating at colorwork twice over).

And while I suspect you are all are ever so much more focused and less distractable and less easily amused than I am, I think you’ll still find them charming!

They’re up on ravelry (Entrapment, Collusion, and Misprision) and payhip (Entrapment, Collusion, and Misprision) now.  You can use the code CRIMINAL to take 10% off any or all of them.  And that’s the thing to do if you just want one of them!  But if you are as enamored of the set as I am, you can get all three for the price of two.  You don’t need a code for that, just put all three of them in your cart together at the same time and you should see the price adjusted (more details on that are on the pattern pages).

Oh and if you happened to have bought any of these patterns back when they first came out, don’t worry, you should have the update already.  You’ll see it the next time you log into ravelry (if you don’t, ravelry has a helpful blog post here with several ways to see pattern updates).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m sure there’s some other shiny object that will wander by and demand my attention any second now…

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