Published On: February 11, 2021

Ok, so let’s walk through the process of matching yarn to idea.⁠

I have this idea for a pretty little not-quite-cable I want to play with. I think it would look delightful as a nice chunky rib on a hat.⁠

The first step is figuring out, mechanically, if the set of stitches and stitch manipulations will do what I think they will do (because wow is the answer to that question not always yes). ⁠

And I don’t know a way to do that other than just grab some yarn and see. The first yarn I grab for this is almost never The One True Yarn, but it’s usually instructive.⁠

⁠I can see already that yes, the stitch will do what I want (though it will look much more defined when it’s a bit bigger). But I can also see this yarn isn’t anywhere near thick/substantial enough for what I want.⁠

Does it mean the yarn is bad?⁠  No, of course not. ⁠

It just means this yarn isn’t a good match for this stitch and my intended project. It’s delightful yarn, and I’ll happily use it for something else some other time. Just not this thing right now.⁠

So, we move on to the next possibility…tomorrow.

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