Matching, take two
Published On: February 12, 2021

Yarn and pattern matching, take two.⁠

This is closer! The yarn is more substantial, so you see that nifty sort of cable effect much more clearly. And I really like how it looks in a single ply yarn (I am a sucker for single ply yarns, and they are perfect for things like hats that don’t get a ton of abrasion).⁠

But it’s still not quite as big as I’d like. A hat’s going to hang out on your head, and you have to be sure you have a pattern at the sort of scale that shows up on something that size. This is a tiny bit too narrow.⁠

And the color is a little bit more hectic than I usually go for (it’s a lovely color, and one I’d happily pair with a solid for brioche or something, it’s just a bit much all on it’s own for what I like to take pictures of).⁠

But once again, I’ve learned things, and am ready to try again. Once again…tomorrow.

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