Published On: February 26, 2021

See, I told you there was more than one way to put these together!

There are, in fact lots of ways to fold these up. I’ll have the four I’ve shown here (two in the previous post, two in this one) in the pattern, but I’m totally sure you clever folks will come up with bunches more I never thought of. ⁠

Everything is on track for the pattern to come out Tuesday (you know, standard ‘as long as nothing truly dreadful happens to me or mine over the next few days). Do the mailing list thing if you want to hear from me when it comes out.⁠

And meanwhile, go raid your scraps bin for smooth yarns (I went with worsted weight yarns but you could use whatever strikes your fancy) and your recycling bin for a few pieces of flat plastic you can cut with scissors (think takeout container or yogurt lid or the side of a milk carton). ⁠

You can have stacks of them scattered around your house by the end of next week if you’re so inclined!

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