Published On: February 27, 2021

I tend to make tiny things with yarn from the scraps bin. One of these days I’m going to give myself permission to just go buy new yarn when I want to make new things (even if they’re tiny things). I mean it is a legitimate business expense. But somehow I haven’t yet quite managed to talk myself into it. ⁠

And using yarn out of the scraps bin means that mine are all out of different yarns (though I do at least make a token effort to make them out of yarns that look pretty together). But somewhere out there, one of you is going to make a set of these, in graduated sizes, out of beautifully color coordinated rainbow yarn. And all I can say is I hope you show them to me when you do. Because holy wow how cool will that be!⁠

The pattern is all set to come out Tuesday (you know, assuming I don’t fall off a cliff or burn down my house or get abducted by aliens between now and then). If you want me to send you an email and discount code when it comes out, make sure you’re on the mailing list. ⁠In the meantime, you can go raid your stash (maybe you’re even cool enough to bust into the new yarn, not just the scraps bin!) and track down some plastic you can cut with scissors (for the bottom of the tray) and maybe even have a rummage in the button jar!⁠

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