Published On: March 3, 2021

When I first had the idea for this pattern, I knew that I wanted to have pictures of a tiny tray holding a collection of lovely knitting notions.

There was just one problem. I didn’t actually have a collection of lovely knitting notions. I have the sort of knitting notions that can be best described as very functional. Which is fine! You might even say they’re lovely in their own way. But wow is there something special about fancy tools. So I asked for help!

I put the call out on instagram to see if there were any notions makers who might be kind enough to let me borrow a few of the things they make for photos, and then give them away when the pattern came out. And wow was I overwhelmed by the responses. Picking the ones that went with the vibe I wanted for the photos was a heck of an undertaking. But I (eventually) did, and now I can share them with you!

The adorable copper scissors are from Heidi & Lana and are an absolute delight. They make a most satisfying snick noise when you close them, which is key to scissor enjoyment in my world.

The incredible wooden crochet hooks are from Roux Studios and fill me with unspeakable glee. The tiny ones are perfect for how I use crochet hooks (to wrangle dropped stitches), but there are full-sized ones for folks who know how to do more with a crochet hook than me.

The luminous glass stitch markers and cable needle are from Fiber & Flame and must be seen to be believed. They absolutely glow, and if you told me they were a magical object in a video game, I’d completely believe you.

The delightful antler buttons are from KnaturlKnitwear and fill my heart with glee.  They have that exact ‘I can wear these in public with normal people, or while stomping through the woods on my way to a fairyland adventure’ vibe that is totally my jam.

I’ve got enough goodies to send delightful little packages to two folks. Head over to instagram to enter the giveaway!

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