An awful lot of bother
Published On: March 6, 2021

Ok, let’s do the absurd behind the scenes thing. This is the destruction wrought upon my living room in the process of taking those ridiculous photos.⁠

That’s my barrister bookcase, with the top lifted off and the glass door removed (you can see the door resting on the dining room chair I dragged in to hold something or other at some point in the process).⁠

Getting the door off requires emptying out the shelf so you can flip it over and take a screwdriver to it, hence the stacks of books and plants everywhere.⁠

Once you’ve got the door off, it’s time to roam the house in search of books and treasures. ⁠

Because yes I did pick the subject of the books to go with the treasures in each picture. No, I do not expect anyone else to notice (you can’t even really see the titles). Yes, I am easily amused. No, I am not sorry.⁠

So that meant books on mineralogy and zoology for the picture with rocks and shells, Victorian sex manuals for the pictures with wedding rings, and books on how to dress for the pictures with notions. ⁠

So once my hoard was amassed and within easy reach, I kicked the rug out of the way and yanked the bookcase around to catch the sun (but you don’t want too much sun, hence the reflector back there to diffuse the light a bit). Then I settled in for a few hours of nudging a curl of tape measure a bit to the left or turning a rock to catch the light just so or moving a button a bit to the right or swapping this book for that one or dashing out into the yard to grab a bit of pretty dead plant. Basically the weird fiddly stuff that somehow doesn’t matter at all and also somehow makes all the difference.⁠

I had to take pictures over two different days (because the sun only comes in like that for a few hours this time of year), and they weren’t consecutive days (because it’s winter and most days aren’t sunny), which meant my living room was a disaster area for several days straight. And it took a solid 4 hours to clean up when I was done.⁠

But wow was it fun!⁠

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