Published On: March 16, 2021

You know that thing where something is absurdly easy but it looks impressive to folks who don’t know the trick of it? Like how making caramel sauce or hot fudge sauce for ice cream is absolutely dead simple, but people lose their ever living minds if you stride calmly into the kitchen and just bang out a batch as you’re getting ready to serve dessert? ⁠

Yeah, this hat is like that.⁠ It looks all fancy and impressive. It looks like you’ve done something tricky with a cable needle…maybe even employed a crochet hook for some nefarious purpose.⁠

But in reality, it’s absurdly simple. The fancy bit happens over five stitches and two rows. Two rows! You literally work the same two rows over and over and over again for the body of the hat. If it weren’t so unspeakably lovely, I’d worry you’d get bored.⁠

But luckily it is unspeakably lovely (and oh my goodness but you’ll squee in delight when one of the long stitches shows off a speckled bit of your yarn just so), so I’m not worried!

The pattern is Semblance. It’s out on ravelry and payhip. And you can take 10% off with the code PRETENSE (as always, if you’re on the mailing list, go check your inbox, you’ve got a bigger discount code waiting for you there).⁠

(Seriously though, the sauce thing is a good dinner party trick. Buy fancy ice cream and whipped cream in a can and a jar of cherries. Make two kinds of sauce. Let people play scoop shop. They’ll think you’re some sort of domestic goddess, when really you did so much less work than if you’d actually made dessert from scratch. Try it some time when we can have dinner parties again, it’ll do wonders for your reputation.)⁠

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