Published On: March 21, 2021

Remember this nonsense from last year? How the sudden urge to swaddle perfectly innocent eggs in lacy underthings overtook me and I didn’t even have the decency to fight it?⁠

I mean last March was grim. I wasn’t going to fight much of anything that kept me home and brought a bit of joy. But really this was an impressive level of absurdity, even for me.⁠

This March feels a bit different. We’ve all seen the damage that selfish, hateful, willfully ignorant folks can do. And an awful lot of us have lost people, either because they died or because we realized that their beliefs and morals were just so far off from ours that a relationship wasn’t possible anymore (you know, the folks prioritizing a vacation or a haircut or a meal in a restaurant over other people’s actual lives). And that’s awful.

But we’ve also seen the amazing things that can happen when we trust experts and put our faith in science. We’ve got vaccines that are absolute marvels of modern technology, and millions and millions of people a day are getting them. And if we can all just hang on a little bit longer, we might actually see the other side of this.⁠

So, yes, things aren’t quite back to normal (and for a lot of folks, things will never be the way they were). But at least this March feels hopeful instead of like the opening to a disaster movie.⁠

So if swaddling innocent little eggs in pretty scraps of lace and hanging them from flowering branches helps you feel that hope, well then go for it! (Erm…and if you’re not from a background that does decorated eggs this time of year and you’re looking at this and thinking I must have gone off my rocker, that’s totally cool…I get that this stuff varies widely!)⁠

The pattern is Cracked (never let it be said I don’t know my own limitations). You can find it on ravelry or payhip. And you can take 25% off for the next few days with the code SCRAMBLED.⁠

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