Published On: March 27, 2021

Look, we went a little overboard for easter when I was a kid. There were egg trees.

As in, bring a branch (cough, or several branches) inside, put them in water and wait for them to flower. (Seriously, forcing some branches in the spring is the easiest and cheapest way to get a really showy flower arrangement that lasts for weeks, highly recommend!) Then bedeck the poor, innocent, unsuspecting branch with a staggering number of decorated easter eggs.

We had boxes of intricately decorated easter eggs we got out every year (think christmas ornaments, but for easter). It was a whole big thing.

And while I don’t decorate for holidays these days (I have determined cats and am a terrible grump and prefer my house to be so free of adornment that it alarms most nice, normal folks), I do occasionally give in to my shameful history and knit stuff I have no intention of using. Like christmas ornaments. Or, in this particular case, delightfully absurd easter eggs.

If you’re similarly inclined, the pattern is called Cracked. You can find it on ravelry or payhip . And you can take 25% off for a few more days with the code SCRAMBLED.


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