Published On: March 29, 2021

I would like someone to knit me a giant, snuggly sweater out of these two yarns held together. Seriously, they make a fabric that is downright slinky. Actually it’s better than that. It’s somehow slinky and cozy at the same time. And you’d think those would be opposite ends on some sort of spectrum, but somehow this manages to do both and do them well.

I am unspeakably in love with it.

I realize it may look like a bit plain and a bit rumpled to the outside observer, but I promise, it is going to be the most amazingly light, amazingly wearable hat ever.

For those following along at home, this is for the rerelease of Plicate, aka the hat I’ve had the most requests to bring back. I’ll link to the rav page for it if you want to see the original one. This one is getting a few tweaks to make it even better, and it should, if all goes according to plan, be out some time in April.

And then I think I’m just going to knit basically everything with a strand of mohair held alongside my regular yarn, because this is clearly magic.

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