Surgically implanted slouch
Published On: March 31, 2021

Ok so this hat? This hat is a bit tall. That’s because it’s meant to be the perfect slouch hat. By which I mean “I shall be surgically implanting the perfect amount of slouch as part of the finishing such that I am never ever ever relying on my own abilities to artfully arrange it on the fly when I yank it out of my coat pocket.”

Because I don’t know about you, but sometimes I do not feel confident in my ability to effortlessly arrange my hats on the fly. I sometimes worry it will look like I accidentally shoved a potato sack on my head.

But this…this I’ll lock in place just so when i finish the hat and then all I have to be able to do when I pull it from my coat pocket is put the crumpled part in the back. And that I think I can manage (most days at least).

For anyone following along at home, this is a reknit of Plicate, one of my very earliest hats (ten years ago…how is that even possible). It’s been unavailable for several years, but folks have continued to ask for it to come back (and I kind of want one of my own!), so here we are.

If you had the original version, don’t worry, you’ll get the new one when it comes out (it’s not out yet, so please don’t fret that you don’t have it now). And if you don’t have it and want me to send you an email when it comes out (likely early in April), you can make that happen over here.

Because really, I cannot be the only one who likes the look of a perfectly arranged, slightly slouchy hat but has limited confidence in their ability to arrange it just so every time they put their hat on.

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