Here a swatch, there a swatch, everywhere a swatch swatch
Published On: April 1, 2021

I’m not sure why, but I’m right in the middle of a massive ‘swatch, make a face, rip it out, repeat’ dance right now. I’ve got literally dozens of swatches that are Really Quite Close But Not Exactly Right littered all over the house right now. ⁠

I think what I need to do is collect them all in one spot, take pictures of the ones that are close enough to good to at least show off on here (because yes, yes I totally WILL mine my unsuccessful swatches for instagram/blog content, and if anyone gets snarky about that, I cordially invite them to find something to post day after day after day after day for years on end), unravel them, tidy up all my needles, and start fresh.⁠

I mean what I REALLY want is for it to be safe to go to a yarn shop or better yet a yarn festival. Because I have just SUCH an itch to put solid colored yarns together with yarns that use that same solid color in a speckle. But that is shockingly hard to do over the internet and much much much easier to do in person.⁠

But we can’t do that quite yet. Soon, but not quite yet.⁠

So for now, I swatch and rip and dig through the stash and swatch and rip and order yarn and swatch and rip and dig through the stash again and tidy my needles and swear and count down the days until my state opens registration to folks in my age group.⁠ Because when this is all over? When this is all over I’m going to wander around pairing yarn, in person, with My Own Two Hands And My Very Own Eyes and my goodness but that sounds lovely.

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