And now for the fancy bit…
Published On: April 12, 2021

Ahem. Are you ready for the fun part? Because we’re about to pause and do the fun part. And by the fun part I mean the bit with the crochet hook and the nerves of steel. ⁠
⁠Feel free to make yourself a calming beverage of your choice and have your smelling salts to hand.

Oh yeah baby…runs in your knitting On Purpose. ⁠Please remain calm, all will be well.⁠ I super duper pinky swear I have not misplaced my marbles. This will be unspeakably fetching in the end.⁠ It just looks a wee bit alarming for a minute here in the middle. Stand by!

There we go, all picked back up and with just the most delightful bit of crumple and rumple to it.⁠ Now bear with me, this is totally in that stage where *I* know it’s going to be lovely and sculptural and dramatic once it’s blocked, but you could totally be forgiven for thinking it looks like a pile of damp tissues. But stick with me, it’ll be lovely here in a bit!

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