And the less fancy bit…
Published On: April 13, 2021

Yeah yeah, unblocked, but it shoooooooould be enough to give you the sense of the thing!⁠

Just enough crumple/structure/shaping to be delightfully dramatic, not so much that you worry people will think you’re wearing a tea cozy on your head.⁠

And, for anyone wondering at home, it’s a reknit of the Lucent pattern (which has been away for far far too long and deserved to come back). Should be out shortly (sort of depends on how I feel the rest of this week…I just had my first jab and am busily building antibodies as you read this, and I’ve officially decided that is more important than sticking to my own self-imposed and totally arbitrary schedule…but soon!).⁠

Yarn is Little Fox Yarn’s Bōsa in the Lake House color (and it’s delightfully glowy in that way that yarns with a bit of silk and yak have).

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