Swatches, are you sensing a theme
Published On: April 25, 2021

I think…I think I’m going to start showing you more of my swatches. I hear from a lot of folks saying some version of ‘your yarn always looks so pretty with the stitches you use.’ (Which, thank you!) But it sometimes sounds like folks think I have some sort of magical yarn/stitch pairing oracle in my stash closet that I can consult and it just hands me the right yarn when I’m ready to start a project.

And, as cool as that would be, it is very very very much not the case.

The reason my yarn looks good in the projects I show is that I keep swatching until I find something I like enough to use! Sometimes that’s one or two swatches, sometimes it’s a dozen. Sometimes it means buying more yarn. Sometimes it means abandoning an idea for a while until I find a different yarn.

But if all you ever see is me casting on and knitting (not the piles of swatches before that), I can see why you might think it’s a smoother process than it is.

So, yeah, I might show more of these in the future.

And to that end, here’s swatch, take three. This one is getting very close. ⁠

I like the feel of the fabric, so I think I’ll end up doing something at about this weight. And I like the combination of the main yarn with a second strand of fuzzy business held alongside, so I think I’ll keep that. But this particular combo is a bit darker than I want right now.⁠

Pretty sure that’s Western Sky Knits’ Tweed DK in Patina and Shibui’s Silk Cloud in Cove, but there’s a bit of a label jungle in my stash right now so I’m not 100% positive and I for sure do not love any of you enough to get that all matched up right now, so you shall have to live with a bit of mystery.⁠

But we’re getting very very close…⁠

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