Swatches, yes more, always more
Published On: April 26, 2021

Alrighty, here we go! This is both the color and the fabric and the scale I was going for. Let me get it wound up and we can get started!⁠

And by ‘get started,’ I mean I can knit yet another swatch that’s actually big enough to give me the gauge info I need, because this swatch was a ‘check the stitch against the yarn’ swatch not a ‘make this be the size I want it to be’ swatch, and those are two different things. Some day we’ll talk about the different kinds of swatches and the different things they do and how understanding those different goals can help you improve your relationship with swatches. And that day is coming soon. But it’s not quite here yet.

But really, four swatches to find the yarn, at least one , possibly two more to check gauge, and this falls into the ‘quick and easy and stress free’ swatching category. This was not the ‘oh my god will you never stop tormenting me’ category (that’s when we get to the double digits).

So yes, swatch more and you’ll like your knitting more. I pretty much promise that’s how it works!

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