Fuzzy bits
Published On: May 19, 2021

Ok, this is a lovely example of how pairing fuzzy bits with your yarns does magical things.⁠

We’ve got three yarns here. The fuzzy one is Shibui’s Silk Cloud in Cove. It’s held with two different colors of Hypothesis Yarns’ Tweed Dk. ⁠

On the hat (the larger piece of knitting on the bottom), it’s held with the Wildcat color. On the mitt (the smaller piece of knitting on the top), it’s held with the Royal color.⁠

The leftovers of the hat yarn are by the hat, the leftovers of the mitt yarn are by the mitt.⁠

You can see how the colors of the knitting with both yarns held together really just aren’t the same as the colors of any of the yarns by themselves. ⁠

The fuzzy yarn does something sneaky and subtle and marvelous. I mean it also makes the knits extra warm and cozy, but right now I’m just too busy swooning over the color to think of anything so practical as the fabric characteristics. ⁠

I suspect I’m going to be throwing yarns together like this a lot. I’m smitten!

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