Two options
Published On: May 22, 2021

We have two options. Either you can talk me out of this nonsense, or you can tell me about donut-colored yarns.

Either one is fine…I am certain one can live a happy life without a whole bunch of knitted donuts.⁠

Though the idea of knitting a half dozen of these (this is the prototype, the real ones would be a bit bigger) and doing something hilarious with my favorite local donut shop does have a certain appeal.⁠

So…the donut’s fate is in your hand. Either provide good, solid reasons why a fine, upstanding citizen such as myself should not knit a whole mess of donuts…or help me track down yarn the right colors. I’m looking for the bread/cake part of the donut (I’ve got stuff on hand for the icing part). I’m especially looking for smooth, worsted or aran weight yarns. I just need to know who makes the right sort of colors. And yes, I totally love both plain and chocolate donuts, so both kinds of recommendations are welcome!

Pssst, we had a good chat about this over on IG, oodles of comments with good suggestions right over here.

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