Last call
Published On: June 30, 2021

Last call! The big sock sale is just about over…⁠

I have this thing where I feel like I’ve said a thing too many times. WAY too many times. Enough times that I’m probably annoying the stuffing out of each and every one of you. But then someone comes along and is sad because they didn’t see it and missed out. ⁠

So I’m stuck trying to trying to balance ‘shut up stop bothering people’ with ‘ack someone will be mad they missed it’ and that’s a somewhat, um, shifting balance point.⁠

But, because Pretty Basket of Socks is Pretty and will probably catch your eye, I’ll say it just the one more time. ⁠You can use the code SO MANY SOCKS to take 20% off any of my individual sock patterns and any of the books of socks for basically one more day. You can find the eligible patterns on ravelry and payhip.

And someone is going to ask, so no, my sock basket is not normally anywhere near that tidy (I’m not sure I’d trust someone whose sock basket was always that tidy). Even I have my limits. ⁠

Anyone else ever dragged out all their handknit socks and show them off all at once? It’s kind of neat to see all those tiny stitches together in one place!⁠

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