Holy. Smokes.
Published On: July 14, 2021

Folks…you should have warned me. No really, that was astonishingly fast. We hit (and oops, skidded right past) our goal in an hour. ⁠

I’m actually kind of overwhelmed. Like, the good kind of overwhelmed! But it’s going to take me a few minutes to dig out from under my inbox/comments, so bear with me if you emailed me (but I promise I’m working on it…I’m just sort of walking around blinking a lot and saying ‘woah’ in my best Keanu Reeves voice at the same time).⁠

So, practical stuff first.⁠

The sale is over, but the group doing all the work is right over here, and I’m sure they would be delighted if anyone still felt motivated to donate directly.⁠

I need a day or two to do a bunch of accounting work (fun!) and get the paypal money transferred to my bank account (because wow do I not generally just have that much cash sitting there ready to go), but on either Friday or Monday, I should be able to send off a donation (and I’ll post a screenshot when I do so you can see the cool stuff you did).⁠

It’s totally going to end up being for, um, a bit more than $5,000 (because you were fast and I literally could not catch the end point at just the right spot), but I don’t think anyone will mind. ⁠

I closed comments on the instagram post where I talked about this (so they didn’t turn into a stream of folks saying ‘I missed it’ or ‘it didn’t work’ because that would be a total bummer and I’m just truly not up for bad feelings right now), but thank you so much to everyone who commented on and shared the post, it totally worked.⁠

And, on a slightly less practical note (damn those squishy feelings and the havoc they wreak on my tender little heart), the next time we do something like this, I need to have a plan for ‘and what if it goes really really well…like better than you were expecting.’ Because I truly thought we’d maybe possibly get close to $5,000 if I pestered everyone really hard all day long. Maybe. If we were lucky. Or at least close enough that I could chip in a little extra myself and get us there in the end.⁠

But I did not expect us to blow past it in just a hair over an hour.⁠

And just, wow. Thank you. You folks did a lot of good today!⁠

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