Kitten Fundraiser Sale
Published On: July 14, 2021

**Update 1** Holy smokes, we’re more than half way there in half an hour, if you want in on this one, act quick!

**Update 2** Well ok then, you folks are amazing, we blew past the goal in just about exactly an hour! That means the sale’s over (the code won’t work any more), and we’ll be sending off a lovely big donation to the shelter later this week (it takes paypal a day or two to get the money to me, hence not sending it right this second)!  I’ll write a post about this (probably later today, but also possibly tomorrow, I’m a bit overwhelmed) with more details, but we did it!


Short version:

All my work is 50% off on ravelry or payhip with the code KITTENS for 5 hours or until we raise $5,000 for the animal shelter that’s helping us with kittens!

Long version:

  • Starting at 10 am, eastern time, Wednesday July 14, the books and patterns I sell directly are 50% off on both ravelry and payhip with the code KITTENS.
  • The sale runs for 5 hours or until we’ve raised $5,000 for the Pope Memorial Humane Society (they’re helping us with the kittens who showed up at our front door), whichever comes first (meaning get what you want quick, because the sale ends when we hit our goal, even if the time isn’t up yet).
  • All profits from sales made using the code KITTENS go to them (I keep enough to cover the fees I’m charged by paypal/rav/payhip, they get the rest). You can only use one code at a time (you can’t use any other discounts at the same time), and only sales made using the code KITTENS count for the fundraiser. I’ll post a screenshot when I make the donation (it takes a few days for paypal to get the money to me, so I can’t just do it tonight).⁠
  • I’ll update this post and post again when the sale ends, and I’ll post lots of furry goblin pics on instagram stories over the course of the day in case you want to see some of the critters your purchases are helping.
  • If you want to help more people see this post, feel free to share this post, the instagram post, or the twitter post about it. That will absolutely help more people find what we’re doing!

I think that’s everything, but if you have questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer (but things may be a bit hectic, so forgive me if it gets busy in here).


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