Published On: August 3, 2021

I have a prop shelf in my office. Well, no, I have several prop shelves in my office. But the one that’s out and in full view of everyone (as opposed to hidden away in a closet) is full of these hand forms. ⁠

And I think they’re actually kind of pretty? Faintly industrial, pleasantly glossy in amongst all that fuzzy yarn and soft paper, gently anatomical but not at all gruesome. But other folks have said they find them unbearably creepy. And I never really got that. Until now. ⁠

But somehow, something about these pictures gives me a hint of that creepy vibe. Sort of like the hand thrust up through the earth over a grave at the beginning of a zombie movie…except that *this* zombie still cares about their manicure and their accessories, and somehow you know that’s going to make them extra troublesome.⁠

I still think they’re pretty nifty though! And the knitting is too. If you want some for yourself (zombie uprising not included), the pattern is called Likewise and it’s out today. You can find it, and the matching hat, on ravelry or payhip. You can either get the hat and mitts together at a discount, or use the code LEAFY for 10% off for the next few days if you want just the mitts.

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