Shall we?
Published On: August 4, 2021

I hadn’t intended to write a pattern for this, but when I posted it on instagram folks were, um, let’s just say enthusiastic.  Enthusiastic enough that I might just possibly be convinced to reconsider. But if you want me to do that, I need you to do me a favor.⁠

I’ve created a mailing list for folks who are Real Damn Sure they’d buy this pattern if I wrote it. If enough folks sign up, I will write the pattern. If I write the pattern, I will send Precisely One Email to the people on the list letting them know it’s out (then I’ll delete the list and never send email to it again…so this isn’t so much signing up for an ongoing mailing list as it is signing up to let me send you one email if the pattern ends up happening). ⁠

This is totally me trying to to judge how much interest there is in this pattern so I can decide if it’s worth my time to write it up. It’s all on the honor system (I will not come to your house and scold you if you sign up and then don’t buy it). But, if this works well, it could be a really great way for you to tell me what you’re most interested in, which totally helps me decide what to focus on. ⁠

So, if you’re pretty darn sure you’d buy this if I made it, sign up. If enough of you sign up, I’ll write it. ⁠

Oh, and just as a reminder, signing up for this won’t change anything at all about any other subscriptions you have with me. All it will do is let me know you’re interested in the hat and let me know it’s ok to send you one quick email if it does come out.⁠

And yes, if you want to share this post or the instagram post, or the tweet, that’s absolutely lovely. The more folks who sign up, the more likely I am to write the pattern, so totally feel free!

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